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Live Stock


Career Progression

Getting past a month is rare, as killing season is every month, however a few are left as to keep up duplication. Certain Gluttony a Lust are chosen as "Breeders" ones that remain no matter what, as staple breeders, along with whoever else was chosen, this is rare however, and practiced only is certain area's. Dying within the month is the most likely outcome.



The purpose of Live Stock is to provide food, although it can be provided through P-series, Gluttony provide much better nourishment than simple plants. Lust are Live Stock for Gluttony. The Empire of the Son uses them to feed the Higher Creations mostly and the food is rarely given to the Various Creations. This is because they view the Higher above the Various.

Social Status

All but the live stock view them as lower beings, as they are to be slaughtered, and their remains eaten or shipped off to the front lines. The live stock themselves view themselves as the backbone of the entire empire, but are quite about it. They have a social status to the Glutton Campers, but are not vocal about their views. They are the lowest caste in terms of rank.


Dangers & Hazards

The main danger, and certainty is death, however there is a difference between a quick and slow death. Dying slowly, is especially bad, as the violence are unlikely to help you after they immobilize you. Meaning that either you day, or get flayed alive, then chopped into pieces. This is rare though as it is hard to mess up a strike to the heart. If you are a Lust however, you have a good chance of being eaten alive.
Agricultural / Fishing / Forestry
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