The absolute most important thing a waker needs is an accurate, reliable watch. Aside from the watch, a waker should value punctuality above all else.

Career Progression

The unfortunate truth for wakers is there is nowhere to go with the job and as soon as watches become more available, the job will die off.

Payment & Reimbursement

The wellbeing of a waker relies on how many customers they can fit in their schedule. If everyone in a city wants to wake up the same minute, you'd be late for everyone but your first house. This contract work is the hardest part of the job to maintain. Ideally you line up a high number of clients near each other who wish to wake up one after the other. This often results in competitive environments with many wakers working an area. Pricing can become competitive as well with people offering lower prices the later the client agrees to sleep until. The average price is just under a silver a month for each client, leaving the waker with a decent living if they manage around 100 customers.



The wakers of Tseol have a long history, going back before mechanical timepieces. Their job is simply to wake their customers in the morning with one of a number of methods. Most use a felted cane called a morning stick to rap the window of the sleeping customer though some more enterprising wakers have used magic to expedite their work. Spells like mage hand can fly down a street block much faster than you could walk with a cane.

Social Status

Wakers are a strange sort who most people don't interact with all that much. Their job requires them up earlier than anyone in town so they often socialize amongst themselves, drinking early if at all and getting to bed early. Their cusping on nocturnal life puts all their meals and events apart from common folk.
Alternative Names
Public Services
High demand.