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Emaxus is currently undergoing a large entry into a new Age (and a large revision of the current Age). Consider this an active construction zone: things are moving around, getting changed, and the world's being reorganized. Apologies for the inconvenience!
- Brian


"Reclaiming the past to secure our future." - Mantra of the Reclaimers

When the Reckoning brought the Age of Rebirth to a cataclysmic end, untold knowledge was lost as the world burned and crumbled. Civilizations that had persisted through feast and famine for hundreds, if not thousands of years, faded like dust in the wind, their vast stores of information and history fading like dust in the wind. And for the entirety of the Age of Extant, there have been those who have hoped to reclaim that which was lost, and bring some knowledge back that could aid all races.   These brave souls are known as Reclaimers. In the early days of the Age of Extant, when the fires of the Reckoning still smoldered, an organization called the Dawn was formed. Though the nascent organization was small, its explorers, dubbed "Reclaimers," set out into the ruins and wastes left behind by the Reckoning. And when these Reclaimers returned to their infantile cities, struggling to survive in this changed world, with relics and knowledge that allowed people to secure their homes, protect and fertilize their fields, and raise their children safely, the Dawn drew the attention of people in power.   For the first few centuries of the Age of Extant, the Dawn and their Reclaimers were heralded as brave heroes, who were "reclaiming the past to secure their future." But over time, relics from the Age of Rebirth became fewer, further between, and far more dangerous to reclaim. And so, the Dawn all but faded from the public memory; however, a handful of archmages, scholars, and government officials in the know about the Dawn still back them, providing much needed financial and logistical support. And so, the Dawn continues its work, as Reclaimers delve into ever more dangerous and isolated ruins and ancient sites. More and more Reclaimers die in the field as the decades drag on, as less and less people remember the work they did to help mortalkind survive the aftermath of the Reckoning.


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