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Core Custodian {WASC 2021}

A core custodian specializes in overseeing the recharging of depleted cores.

As they are often called, a custodian is a unique position that combines three very different aspects into one career. They are an astronomer, a corologist, and security expert. The combination of these three skills allows them to safely and efficiently recharge the cores for reuse.


Cores are charged in the moonlight of the four moons of Sagadorm. Each core will charge differently under the different light of the moons. An efficient custodian is aware of the different phases of the moon, their positions in the sky, and their proximity to the world. Being hyperaware of the date and moon phases can increase the productivity of the charging of the cores.


A good custodian has ample knowledge to study the cores themselves as if they were geological rocks. Much as a jeweler or gemologist studies precious stones, a corologist studies the structure and nature of the cores. Cores have subtle differences based on their conditions when they were formed.

  • What type of animal did the core form within?
  • What organ of the animal turned into the core?
  • Were there any deformities or diseases or tumors within the blessed animal that may affect the purity of the core as it formed?
  • What elemental power does the core most readily accept and discharge?
  • Is there damage on the core that will prevent it from functioning as expected?
  • Is there any shaping of the core stone that could improve its performance as a core?

Corologist can answer all common questions about the cores. A master corologist can determine the best match for a prospective owner.

Due to the specific skill set of a corologist, many custodians focus specifically on this aspect of their career and allow apprentices to be in charge of other factors such as tracking the moon cycles or providing security for the cores as they charge. This is considered the most difficult of the custodian's career.

One aspect of being a corologist is to be a jeweler as well. The ability to shape, polish, and refine the powers within the core through the carving process is a highly creative and important one. While some fairies prefer to have their cores "raw," more fairies appreciate a core looking like a fine cut and polished gemstone that can be worn as jewelry or embedded within armor, clothing, or fighting gloves.


Cores are one of the most valuable natural resources available to the citizens of the world. This makes them prime targets for thieves. As cores need to be in the moonlight to receive back their powers, this puts the custodians added a disadvantage against would-be thieves who could use the cover of darkness to infiltrate the charging stations, traditionally on the top of the roof house.

Of all aspects of being a core custodian, security is an early responsibility delegated to a hired hand or an apprentice. Some apprentices have aligned with thieves to steal cores. Their careers and freedom are cut very short. Core thieves are punished more harshly than all other thieves.



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