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"Yes, we do not conquer realms and bring back spoils. We don't have adventures and come back with the good pelts and whatnot. We're just staying here, just standing up a big dumb wall, see? Just making sure none of the countless horrors out there find a weak spot and come make a nice nest out of your mom's ribcage. Nothing major."
An exasperated Keeper explaining his role.

A Wall-Keeper is a Legionnaire of the Culling Legion who are tasked with standing guard on the walls of their City-State. While some consider them paranoids workaholics the Keepers know their duty and the consequences of their failing it.



Graduating from Battle-School is enough for any properly evolved Hellion to join the Culling Legion and begin testing and subconsequent training to be appointed on the most appropriate section. Those chosen to be assigned on Wakk-Keeping must be capable of constant vigilance, an obviously vital part of their future duty as the walls are under assault daily from a wide range of threats. Engineering is a second requirement for the proper execution of their duties, with even scratchings being given proper attention and a fully dedicated action when spotted.

Career Progression

It has a more straight-forward progression than other careers of the Culling Legion. Experience and dedication will see the Keepers promoted eventually to lead teams of Keepers on gradually bigger portions of the walls. The final step in this career path is to become Wall-Master, but it is not unheard of to ask for a career change into the Kratoth Legion and lead men as an officer. Such transition are smooth thanks to the similarities between



A Wall-Keeper holds and guards one of the great walls surrounding his city to keep the fiends and potential invaders from entering. They also supervise entries in and out of their City-State and as such need to supervise the flow of caravans with utmost care.

Social Status

The lower ranked Wall-Keepers. Their profession is not viewed as glorious. It is assumed that they see few action and only keep themselves busy to improve their look.


Dangers & Hazards

"Keep your eyes open on all directions, you don't want a flyer or a climber to gouge them out."
A Wall-Master warning his squad.
  Depending on the region or the season, monster activity around the walls can range from dangerous to deadly. Monsters with the abilities to climb or jump great distances can swoop in when the guards are not vigilant or fail to react in time. The greatest fiends whose abilities are enhanced with mana can break down the walls with relative hills to turn the defenders and the city into appetizers.

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