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Kratoth Legion

Conquerors of Realms

"To destroy an enemy and build upon his fallen works is the true mark of conquest."
Lord-General Ar Amon.
  The Kratoth Legion is the evergrowing army that defends and expands the Demon Empire. Over its long existence, many Heroes perished, castles fell and realms quaked under the heels of the Legion. It is now gathering its forces, eager to march against the continent once more and build a new beginning for Demonkind.


The Parts of the Legion are named after body parts. The larger the parts are, the more numerous the forces. Each parts are led by commanding officers, themselves commanding or being commanded by a lower or higher grade of officer handling a lower or higher part.   The highest of the Legion are the cohorts called the Bodies, numering in the thousands and personnaly led by Generals of the Imperial Legion unless special circumstances apply.   The Arm is a bataillion of hundreds of Legionnaires under an Arm Leader. Hand   Havoks are independent formations using specialized warriors that do not fit in the mould of simple infantry, be it by their magical abilities or the. They are elite groups that can serve a variety of roles from supporting artillery, to aerial units, to shock cavalry.


"The Legion handles but two kinds of fights. Short sieges and shorter skirmishes. A battle that lasts longer than a day is no battle anymore, but a banquet for fiends."
  If the Ortho Legion is the whip, and the Culling Legion the shield, then the Demon Legion is indbitably the hammer of the great Demon Empire. It destroys its enemies and builds its future in one fell swoop. It has defended the realm from invasions for centuries, and its banners once floated on half of the countries on the continent.   The blows it can strike are very restricted due to the perpetual presence of fiends throughout the world. Lingering on a battlefield is ill advised, even to retrieve the warriors fallen by nightfall; those that try are often added to the casualty reports.

Public Agenda

The Legion's constant goal is to increase its strength by training and breeding devoted soldiers. In the meantime they perpetuate their duty in fighting barbarians, building roads and walls to defend against monsters, and gnawing at the forces of the Fortern Kingdom who is barring their path to conquest.


"Three Black Swords under a Bronze Sun were weaved on the flags of the Legion before the assault. The Sun didn't need rise to its zenith that those flags adorned the towers of Oveny's fortress. Truly, it was here that our Conquest began."
From the Saga of the Demon Empire.
  The Demon Legion was born shortly after the Daemonis Republic fell apart and was replaced by the ambitious and military focused Demon Empire. Many young recruits, who would rather fight the "weak" humans than protect small farms from monsters, and perhaps with the idea of bringing slaves home, joined the new organization en masse. While the Legion didn't have it's own insignia, it still carried the flag of the unified city-states into battle.   It's first quick victory in capturing the Human-held Oveny (albeit exageratted in the oral traditions) cemented its effectiveness as a fighting force specialised in both conquest and construction.

Brotherhood through Bronze

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