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Humans consider themselves the original template of sentient humanoids. The story of their true origin in the Old World has passed beyond myth, lost in speculations and the lazy writings from the First Sent who bothered to remember their first life's beliefs. At the moment, humanity has spread throughout the continent but remain focused in the Eastern Realms and the central region with Midland znd its surrogate territories.
  Adaptability, curiosity, and fertility. Those were once the pivotal qualities Humans could boast of, those that. By Orbidian standards their traits are average in most regards, which is nonetheless to their advantage.

Basic Information


Bipedal mamals with two arms, two legs, a head, and a body supporting those five protusions. As vertebrates the spine in their body serves as an anchor to the rest of their body parts. They have hands which allow the manipulation of tools, as well as flat foot enabling them to walk all manner of terrain over long distances. All typical traits shared by most other humanoid species. From an objective standpoint Humans have a distinctive lack of "peculiar" features compared to other such species if used as basis. They have no tail, no fancy fur, no horns, no specialized biological mechanisms to speak of. They still display a decent variety in appearances.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens sapiens
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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