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"You're from Midland? That a dwarven outpost?"

"Midlands a Human realm. Basically, our First Sent thought that since they were in the middle of the continent, they should just call it Land of the Middle. That's Midland in short in English."

"He's right, they got lots of easy names like that. The First Town, the New Port, the Tall Hill, the Big River. Too lazy to even try, ha!"

"You've got to admit, it's easier to remember than the name of some old Demon and his clan's name."

"Hrm... Fair enough..."

Discussion between Human and Demon mercenaries  by a campfire.
  Midland is a peculiar realm located in a narrow that seperates the East and West of Orbido. Its inhabitants are mostly Humans, like those from the Eastern Realms, but the culture and technologies they retained from the Old World had quite an advance from their early-medieval neighbours.   Seemingly weaker and smaller than any other realm, it was brought under Imperial rule during the Conquest era, yet regained its independance after a long internal struggle and the receeding of the Imperial forces. Nowadays, its military forces have grown well, and an unorthodox defender has vowed to protect the land.   Its position right between the Eastern Realms and the prosperous Western Lands, as well as its easy access to the Green Sea, have made it the greatest trading hub in Orbido. Every dwarven caravan can walk through Midland to avoid the monsters in the Green Sea or the Undying Ocean. A longer yet far safer voyage. The riches of the Menia Kingdom, Arbeka, and the newly formed Demon Republik are ripe for trading while Midland steadily improves its own local resources.


A council of great merchants and advisors are led by an overseer to handle every affairs. A president is elected by the people to veto some of the internal decisions in favor of the people. Marshals keep the peace in their cities and villages, the army works with the adventurer guild to keep the people safe from monsters and foreign invasions.


An extremely well-developped navy compared to every other civilisation. A mass of wealth deposited from the merchants to the treasury on a regular basis. Barrels of gunpowder stored in secret locations.

Proud and Prepared

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Geopolitical, Country
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