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Guardian of Midland

An empty title worn by John Edge to help enphasize his free reins in "protecting" Midland. While it is officially recognised by the Midlander governement, John himself insists that the title is self-proclaimed and not at all tied to "the bureaucratic nonsense". Oddly enough, John gets annoyed when people do not properly address him by foregoing his title.


Be strong as John Edge.


Be John Edge.


No pressures or obligations are tied to the title, though John admits that not guarding Midland would dishonor the title since it contains "Midland".


Killing armies, banishing annoyances, destroying dangerous monsters, and making sure peace is respected in the streets.
Self proclaimed
Form of Address
Great Guardian
Alternative Naming
Fearless Guardian, Unbeatbable Guardian, Super Guardian
Equates to
Source of Authority
John Edge gives himself authority. Anyone who disagrees can try to beat him.
First Holder
Current Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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