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John Edge

the Mightiest Man Alive.

John Edge (a.k.a. "The Mad Hero")

"I'm the kinda hero you see coming. When you see me coming, you better run."
John Edge on how not to get killed by John Edge.

In the young country known as Midland, there is a man feared by every soul. Pirates, merchants, murderers, babies, barmaid, Death Otters, whatever. All shiver in his presence. He is their countryman, one whose raw power exceeds that of mere mortals, monsters, and even countries themselves some say. He is a mad and foul champion that protects his home so hard it may just cracks under his weight. He is John Edge, and might just be the mightiest Human in Orbidian History.

John gets himself very involved in people's daily lives. He is a Human Hero gifted with the strongest physical abilities through the use of a ridiculously large Mana pool. His misdemeanor and eccentric tendencies make him very difficult to ignore after all. Half of the citizens of Midland had caught a glimpse of him at least once, and most of them wish this one time be the last of their life.

People have said, people have seen, and people have written muh about this man's immeasurable strength and magical abilities. Said to have been one of countless orphans among the poor districts of Firstown, young John vanished one day. Instead of ending up as yet another tragic tale of a child's disappearance, there appeared a whole new man who accomplished deeds deemed impossible. The dead monsters he carried to the Adventurer's Guild like simple potatoe sacks, and the broken bones of the muggers who annoyed him shut down the oposition. Armies of killers were corrected like mere toddlers waving sticks against a professionnal soldier. Large holes were forged by his angry footsteps, hills were toppled under his happy prancing, while he dug endless tunnels through the face of mountains to serve as his shortcuts.   It is believed that John Edge is a Sent that a malicious Sender molded in order to send Orbido into chaos for entertainment. But every statement John made denied the possibility. Midland doesn't tolerate John Edge, for it is John Edge that tolerates Midland. He considers his homeland as a playground he will protect from all threats, forever.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

John Edge was anonymous until 536. Accounts report that John Edge lived outside of the Town until his preteen years, which implies that he was either part of a caravan, or lived in a monster-free area far from Midland. Whatever the case, John arrived in Firstown via one particular caravan that had picked him up on their way to Midland's capital. The then 14 year old mischivous brat began displaying his overwhelming physical abilities as he helped carry incredibly heavy luggages for a small price.   In 539, Firstown became targeted by a pirate alliance that took Dwarven and Midlander merchants hostages. IN secrecy, John Edge infiltrated their stronghold, released the hostages, open the gates and captured the pirate leaders with a thick rope.The bandits he arrested were so unhinged that they begged for someone to arrest them properly while they cried adult tears. Those who brought the prisonners to their cells noticed how every single one of them had swollen arms from dislocated shoulders, elbows and fingers. The townsfolk's fear of John Edge started from here on.   The Mad Hero accumulated good deeds and extravagant acts that defy customs and decency. He maintained very few friendships over the years as even the peddlers who knew him as a child began to shake in his presence. John Edge doesn't seem to care about his social skills however, and became stronger and stranger as the years rolled in.   In 546, John Edge marked history as he defeated a famed General of the Demon Empire, Tal Meneloth, who had challenged him for a duel. Easily bringing the Archdemon to his knees, John Edge left the impression that no single being on earth was his equal.


John Edge has no history of formal education. He did learn from merchants the basics of peddling, haggling, and how demands and offer work in his youth.

Mental Trauma

Grief, desillusion, nihilistic thoughts.
Chaotic Neutral
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
526 AS 31 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unknown circonstances. Speculations have pointed towards two exiled Forternian Heroes, to the Demon Empire's experimentations on Heroic bloodlines, or a deific manifestation.
Current Residence
John's Man Cave
Dark brown.
Slightly longer than shoulder-length, shaggy, dark brown.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.85 m
92 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I'm here to kick doors and drink juice. And I just kicked the shit out of the door."
Ruled Locations

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