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Midlanders are a human ethnicity that didn't even exist in Orbido until three centuries ago.   A new batch Sent group of Old World people were brought right in the middle of the continent, in regular Human bodies and with memories of their time in their former plane fresh in their minds. Seemingly stemming from later eras than other ethnicities of Orbido, those reincarnated visitors quickly became prosperous and influential, sharing what technologies they remembered in order to secure a peaceful realm for themselves in the place of their arrival. Since they arrived in the middle of the land (according to the other civiliations they encountered), they named their new realm Midland.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Sarah, Alexandra, Moira, Ellen...

Masculine names

Alfred, Geralt, John, Thomas, Jack...

Family names

Pence, Cuttrow, Boongold, Arrington, Mellow, Hailsmith, MacPhelps...


Average technological level

Knowledge of gunpowder production, advanced navigation and shipbuilding skills.

Art & Architecture

Brick settlements and paved roads. The midlanders do not typically display many pieces of art on the steets or create great structures like castles.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The Way of Acceptance has deeply nfluenced the people of Midland, contrary to the Eastern Realms who remained faithful to older religions. As such, a god portion of Midlander practice Acceptants rites and customs.

Common Myths and Legends

Everything surrounding John Edge.

Historical figures

John Edge, the Mad Hero of Midland.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species

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