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"We barely understand it but we can certainly use it."

Imperial Soldier



Mana is a sort of energy source in the form of intangible matter. It gave the expatriated people of Orbido access to the practice of supernatural phenomenoms such as manipulation of elements and increased physcial abilities. CUltures have varied words to define the practice of Mana manipulation. Mana-tied events produced by a willful user are commonly called "spells" because of the internal visualisation required to produce them.

Individuals endowed with magical abilities can sense the presence of mana infused or gathering in the vicinity. THey may also perceive as well as feeling the manipulation undergoing within said individual. As a result, using spells or enhancing physical prowess can result in detection from otherwise unaware people in the viccinity. The sensitivity of observing individuals depend on training, quantity of mana and mental exertion towards detection. This principle is called Mana Perception.


Depending on the circumstances of birth. However, recent studies have demonstrated that the attributes of genitors will not always be shared with the offspring, resulting in a diversity of abilities even in. The capacity and effectiveness of maniplation however, have been proven


The manipulation of existing flames and . More restrictive than other forms of mana manipulation, its use requires the presence of sparks and an atmsophere prepared to be. The flames and their temperatures can be manipulated as the user sees fit. LArge quantities of mana can be processed to increase the size and effect of the event, even in absence of physical fuel. Most fire users employ their gift outdoors to avoid counter effects.


Seemingly weaker than the other types of magic, tha water specialist maniulate not only the water's movement, but also its state and temperature. The expense of mana declines into temperature change and intricate movement. From icicles that pierce flesh at high speed to giant waves that swallow armies, water users are the most versatile mages. They are only limited by the amount of water present around them, which forces them to carry water with them in case of dry territory


Called Earth magic, this type of mana manipulation influence the rocks and the soil around the user. By using impacts against a surface, the mage can produce shockwaves that can range from a mere tremblingto a great crater of impact. A precise Earth mage can modulate the bounds between dirt particules, they can be hardened or lessened. One can turn the ground into sand to destabilise a foe, or raise a hard wall in defense. This magic is very taxing the more earth is manipulated.


This form controls thunder of variable intensities. It can be coupled with local phenomenom, such as a storm or static electricity.


Mana-linked phenomenom are exclusive to Orbido. But the intensity of its activities can change depending on the location. The giant forests (such as the Carsil, Fana or Chyandou forests) that rule over the continent are the repository of immense mana reserves, which turned them into the nests of incredibly powerful monsters that were infused with mana's empowering properties.
Metaphysical, Elemental

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