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Giant's Passage

The central land upon which the country known as Midland resides. It is a transition hub between East and West of the Orbidian giant continent, and its shores are vitally close to the The Green Sea. it is an equatorial place with decent amount of rain and access to arable land. But a large part of its south belongs to a tropical forest that has yet to be pacified.   The Giant's Passage's west leads to the Van Republic. In it's south-west ies the foot of the Gurdy Range and the eponymous Protectorate. To the east is a dangerous land filled with dangers before one can reach the Rossan-Valid Dukedom, the southernmost of the Eastern Realms.


Maritime region made of copses, presque-isles and canyons sandwitching flat plateaus. Provide countless ways to access the sea's bounty in relative safety from the large predators stalking the deep waters.

Fauna & Flora

Innumerable species of fishes, alguas, mollusks and . Relatively poorer diversity in land animals meaning imported species are a must if one wishes to play the role of a sheperd.
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