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Gurdy Range

A moutain range located on the East of the The Green Sea. It's name stems from the Dwarven community which established itself in its heart after their civil war.


The Range can be split into three sections :
  • Foothills to its East and South.
  • Mountainous parts encircling the final section.
  • An exploitable Central region.


When Luntrian settlers first arrived in the range, they brought hives of

Localized Phenomena

The Gurdy Range absorbs the hot air from the Green Sea in its central valleys while letting through the remaing cold winds. Those gales blow down on its foothills, especially the Bothering Hills whose dry climate doesn't appreaciate the added inhospitability. This phenomena is referred to as the "Bother" or the "Molestia".

Natural Resources

Great mineral deposits of all kinds can be found on the coastal walls of the Range, though difficult to exploit because of the treacherous geography and lack of proper roads between deposits.
Alternative Name(s)
the Green Range
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