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Gurdy Protectorate

A small yet promising Dwarven country created by Blunterese exiled Luntrians fleeing retribution after the events of the civil war. It was founded in part by the Demon Empire, who sought to create a rival to the Lunt Kingdom monopoly of the markets. Now seperated from their original financers, Gurdy nonetheless became independent fairly quickly.
  The Protectorate is a League of sorts, with a territory comprised of three comparatively small Cavern-Cities and towns nestled in the warm Gurdy Range. Enjoying better pastures, protective mountains, and semi-arable land the closeness to the Green sea granted them.
  Gurdy has close mercantile ties with Midland to the west and the neighboring Dukedoms on their borders. More and more these countries engage in trade with Gurdyan wares rather than the very expensive Blunterese ones, as Gurdy is closer and its citizens pay less taxes, meaning a more generous haggle for the buyers.
Geopolitical, Country
Controlled Territories

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