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Lunt Kingdom

"Their realm is so unpleasant for so many reasons... it's no wonder we see them travel around so much in spite of their short legs."
- Imperial caravan guard
The dwarven realm Lunt exists within the cold reaches of the Lunts Mountain Range. Amidst leaning villages in the temperate valleys, or cuddled within giant caverns heated by the pressure and heat from the depth, its citiizens thrive on the commerce they established with the southern regions as well as the expertise in metalworkng they carried from the Old World.   Under the guidance of their High King and the council that elected them, the nation acts in two seperate ways. The matters of state are in the hands of smaller councils composed of the eldest and wisest members of the communities, while the mercantile affairs have grown into their own almost seperate organism as the decades passed.   Remaining a neutral furnisher in internationnal struggles, Blunter is a rich state many like to call its "partner", even in the face of rivals who claim the very same. The only outside hostilities that the Kingdom of the Dwarves bare is for the distant Protectorate of "Traitors" in the Gurdy Range, and for the monsters that threaten their western borders.


Blunter is a Kingdom in much the same way as the fabled ones of the Old World or those found in the Eastern Realms, with a few tweaks originating from the culture of the Dwarven First Sent. The High-King acts as the monarch governing the province of the Blunter, or rather its lowest part commonly refered to as "Low Blunter". He is an elected figure who oftenly from the same dynasty as his predecessor if their influence allows it. He posesses much of the executive power and can veto decisions made by the high council.   High-Council Member have jurisdiction over ever city and province in the Blunter range, and ca make demands to the mercantile guilds throughout Orbido. Council Member Have jurisdiction over their provinces only, and must report to their assigned duo of High-Council representatives. Guildmasters, such as Stonemasons or Metalwhisperers, cannot change the government policies, but they can establish the rates and selling prices for the primary materials they peddlen and out of Blunter, making them masters of the economy despite technically leaving the power in the hands of the High-King.


Blunterese have a warrior approach to life yet their culture is also one of trade and quiet pastures. Due to the location of their rebirth, they have become accustumed to cold and infertile grounds perhaps even more so than the Demons to their south. They consider themselves to be the children of the sky, referring to their rebirth at the hands of the Senders which they equated to the Gods of the old religions. They believe in the existence of the soul and of its intrisic value, but also of its fate.


The entirety of the Range does not belong to the Kingdom. Most of its northern parts, High Blunter, remains mostly unexplored though many scattered tribes of Dwarves manage to survive the frozen wastes where monsters are relatively easy to avoid or prey upon.

Foreign Relations

Active mercantile exchanges with both the Demon EMpire andthe Fortern Kingdom. Tensions with Fortern's newest policies have pushed the Kingdom to favor The Empire and it's access to the Menia Kngdom through the Feral Isles and Arbeka. Rivals with the Gurdy Republic. Neutral relations with Midland.

All for All for Ever

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
The monetarry currency is the Sun. A universally applied money made of three metals: bronze, silver and gold. This archaic method remains popular among peddlers who can trade in every naton the Demon Empire conquered in the past. However, there exist letters of mark that people can sign to prove they have money at the bank that someone can withdraw or deposit if they provide the proof of fairness with a ring.
Legislative Body
A council of law rules over internal affairs, while a House of Fairness handles the markets and underhanded commerces.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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