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Apostoli Dukedom

The second most influential country of the Eastern Realms. A realm of flower fields and quiet lakesides.   Apostoli is a close ally of the Fortern Kingdom, one might even go so far as to say Apostoli be a vassal state to the rising Human monarchy.


Apostoli is sub-divided into four counties :
  • County of Iberia
  • County of Gouffron
  • County of Apostoli
  • County of Gracia
  • Assets

    Wine, honey, berries, milk, and various medicinal herbs grow here.
    Geopolitical, Duchy
    Alternative Names
    The Floral Dukedom
    Leader Title
    Government System
    Monarchy, Absolute
    Power Structure
    Feudal state
    Economic System
    Market economy
    Official Languages
    Related Traditions
    Controlled Territories
    Notable Members
    Related Species
    Related Ethnicities

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