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A Human ethnicity for those living under the royal tutelage of the Fortern Kingdom. A feudal society where nobles inherit their lands and the fate of those living in them. Most Forternian pride themselves as being humans and thus having more legitimacy to Orbido than races that were reborn into different shapes through the mythical Soul Transference enacted by the Senders.   As the sole full Kingdom of the Eastern realm, forternian nobility outweigh the other realms who are but the fragmented remains of older Kingdoms and pain to reach a higher social standing in the eyes of their feudal people. Not every realm can become a Kingdom, and belonging to one can feel empowering to some.   Forternains speak Common Imperial, but have been very encouraged to keep it all French as a result of the current monarch's vow to rid the world of the Demon Empire's "negative influence" on Orbido.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Sophie, Marie, Juliette, Tamis...

Masculine names

Philippe, Thibault, Franc, Henri, Louis, Grégoire...

Unisex names

Alex, Ezra, Darban, Rachel...

Family names

Passant, Leroux, Caillard, Tuevent...

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