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Common Imperial

  A tongue originating from the Keratos Empire. Specifically invented to be learned easily by newly conquered nations. It was forcibly taught to the populations as per the Empire's mandatory schooling system.   Shortly after the Eternal Conquest lost its momentum and the Empire receeded all the way to its original borders, many realms decided to keep the tongue because the dwarven merchants (and their finances) employed it daily. There was also the push from many many mercenaries from various races still using it to find a job after the Conquest stopped recruiting.   It is a tongue commonly spoken in Arbeka (though not the official language), in the Feral Isles, in some Easternite Marquisates, in the Van Demon Republic (a splinter from an Imperial civil war) as well as within the Empire itself.

Writing System

25 letters, much like the greco-roman alphabets. The letter y does not exist. Accents are rare and apply on select words.

Geographical Distribution

The best part about the whole world speaking horn-face is that they can understand when you insult them.
A certain General about the spread of Common Imperial.

  Almost all of the East part of the continent speaks Imperial fluently. It took one hundred years for the demons to apply their unniversal tongue on their vanquished foes.


K, R and TH consonnants dominate the language.
Common Phrases
Quemeth perith serve?
How much for this slave?
Quemeth persith servith?
How much for these slaves?
Perquoth co Humanith menta i Imperia compartia solusme Daemonith?
Why do Humans think the Empire only contains Demons?
Common Female Names
Palir. Adroga. Maline. Zazel.
Common Male Names
Mazoth. Grenoth. Solvuth. Praegor.
Common Unisex Names
Tireth. Alith.

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