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The ethnicity mainly composed of Ahurans. It concerns the inhabitants of the westernmost region of Orbido, in the arid grounds of the Lower Blue Plain.   It is a nomadic ethnicity despite the fact that there are many sedentary hubs within their country of origin. Arbekan life is a life of Travel and studies, walks serve to inspire and focus the mind on many subjects, phylosophical and practical.   After encountering Imperial culture and Dwarven merchants in the earlier centuries, the arbekan culture spread through the remaining Orbidian civilisations. The ethnicity attracted many other species looking for serenity and research opportunities thanks to it.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Hassia, Maelia, Fihar, Thetoa, Intisaana...

Masculine names

Abdel, Samad, Tanohadin, Bashir, Faisal, Hoorum, Khunlem...

Family names

na Houdin, al Tinhyr, ha Shahel, de Qehrin...


Major language groups and dialects

Arbek dialcts is very different from the eastern realms, in its shape and form. The numerical numbers are somewhat identical though. It is just as original as the Menian dialect and the Lega's tongue compared to the rest of Orbido.

Culture and cultural heritage

Inherited and repeated the culture of their Old World counterparts.

Average technological level

Knowledge of chemistry and mechanics. Advanced mathematics. Knowledge of nigh-modern medecine.

Common Etiquette rules

Not to show the region below your belt or tail.

Common Dress code

Baggy lothes are the norm in Arbekan ways. It originates from the fact that having a tail prevents from hiding the privates effectively. So clothes have come to be very baggy on the lower body, while belts force the sets upwards.

Historical figures

Prophet Mozahin.

Major organizations

The Blades of Arbeka are the military elites of Arbeka. They are guerilla fighters and insurgents patroling the countries. They have high mobility, great training and equipement, expertise in sabotage and cutting resources access, as well as a capacity for survival in ennemy territory.

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