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"Somehow, Van is. The same can be said of its inhabitants. Somehow, they are."
The Treaty of Lands

An ethnicity of secceders from the Demon Empire who settled in the former Bunshin territories, forming the Van Republic. The Vanese are a mixture of western Humans and Demons showing themselves just as tolerant of foreigners and other races as their Imperial progenitor, if not more. As a young ethnicity, their concerns are to rebuild the country that has been ravaged by the Arbekans during their counteracttacks against the Conquest as well as the Eight-Red-Years War against Menia. As such, Van Demons have a more peaceful mindset as well.   Among the people, changes brought about by the proximity to the free-thinking midlanders and the philosophical Arbekans have molded the society into one of commerce and peace. The caste system from the Bunshin and the imperial notion slavery have been properly abolished and tensions with the rising Midland Republic have soothed over the decades.   The only physical differences with their eastern cousin are their slightly darker tones and the shorter horns overall. After hundreds of years of seperation however, Vanese culture developped further and further from its parent while keeping some of its original ideals, most notably the honesty and practicality parts.

Major organizations

The mere structure of the Van Republic defines what being Vanese entails. Simply put, it is the Imperial enthousiasm towards the Bunshin and the weird interference of some oddball politicians that melded together to form an oligarchic republic based around a council of Warlords after the whole region was annexed peacefully.
Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
Languages spoken

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