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"We are not misplaced, we simply remained because we had made our homes and didn't feel like leaving them behind."
Remnant describing his people
  When the Demon Empire retreated from their conquered lands, not all of their citizens followed along. A good number of Demons stayed behind in the reclaimed cities or settling in small strongholds in the hopes of mirroring the powerful city-states of the Verdant Steppes one day. They are not exactly Imperials but do not belong to the lands that tolerate them either. Remnants are a strong culture that could be said to bid their time. As for what they wait for, it is unsure even they know the answer. They kept the honesty that came to define Imperial culture, and try to stay out of conflicts with the realms that reclaimed their lands.   Contrary to their eastern cousins, Remnants do not use Clans to denote appartenance, prefering to use family names like Easternite cultures. Their time away from the core of the Empire also influenced their ways. They are less militaristic and authoritarian, and they have grown to form better tied communities. For the past decades, the northern powers of the Eastern Realms have campaigned to relocate Remnants away from their territories, by force if necessary.


Common Dress code

After inhabiting new lands of varied climates and with better access to fabrics, Remnants have integrated the dressing codes of their surroundings. In the western regions, the women wear linen trousers and short-sleeved shirts while the males use long tunics almost identical to Imperial norms but they add stocking to their legs and wear pattens instead of tall sandals. In the east, near the Van Republic and Midland, the dress code is even more diversified.

Art & Architecture

Keeping in line with Imperial engineering, th. The only great differences in Remnant architecture is the lesser amount of artistic details. There are fewer statues and no fancy design at the top of columns in the bigger structures.
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