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Evolving Warriors

We are born hard on a hard land, we live hard and die harder. But we wanted more. I think we got it now.
Ar Doran pondering the course of his people.
  The horned humanoids refered by some as Demons are former Humans believed to have been transported into Orbido by the Senders and turned into an entirely new species. A common event in most Orbidian civilisations if the records are to be believed. Demons are the warring race that occupy the Far-East of the Situla continent. In appearance, they are defined as horned, plaque-covered humanoids with immense variety in hair and skin color. They are found mostly in the Verdant Steppes but encountering them in former vassal states is not unheard of.

Basic Information


Their skin tones are incredibly diverse, from the brightest white to the sparkiest purple while passing by the deepest green. A true rainbow of possibilities that seems not to always follow the logic of parenty. A white Demon and a Red Demoness can have a beige offspring.
A Demon's eyes are very different from a Human's. There is no white to their eyes, as a matter of fact they present a dark sclera that surrounds their pupils. The pupils themselves are rarely dark in color (potentially to make reading eye movement easier), but are just diverse in palette as the skin can be.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Demons more commonly encoutered in society are Hellion. The species presents a peculiar form of maturity. Demons can transform with time and efforts, the exact amount required for both remains a vague concept. escalating from Imp, to Hellion, then Archdemon and Demon Lord. This condition shared by the entire species is called Demonic metamorphosis.   Those three stages of transformaton occur after birth.   Imps have the highest rate of growth, roughly gaining 10 cm a year as children. The Imp stop growing after their sixth year, when they reach about a meter in height. The physical limitations of this form imper their survivability in the long term. That is why Imps are encouraged to seek evolution to assure a lengthy life.   Hellions are becoming a more common form encountered since Demons began to industrialize their evolution process with breeding citadels and battle-schools.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous species. Cannot digest pure plants (foliage and bark) properly, much like the Humans, Ahurans and other humanoid species i that regard.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Demon Empire
The country of origin of the Demon race, a large militaristic Empire yearning to reconquer Orbido
Van Republic
A distant country resulting of the fusion of Demon rebels and human warlords.

Beauty Ideals

Horns are the best feature a Demon can boast about. The thicker and longer they are, the better, as it is believed big horns will lead to good fortune and fertility. The reason for this superstition stem from a simple "bigger is better" mindset. These appendices are refered to in many Common Imperial expressions. The stumps present on an Imp can also be considered a clue to their well-being. It is not uncommon for Imperials to implant piercings on their horns for fashion.
Demon canines have a similar albeit lesser importance to their status than horns. Long sturdy fangs can help surviving in the wild, and they also mean the Demon is used to eating plenty of food, thus has the wealth to sustain a good lifestyle.
As a warring race, Demons are very attracted to muscles and scars. Evolved Demons become inherently more beautiful since they gain in stature and width after undergoing Demonic metamorphosis. Symmetry is not a necessity as people can be considered beautful despite having lost parts of their body in battle.
Demons have a very diverse skin color palette, even in the same region. It is relatively preferable to have a uniform skin color, but other than that no color seems aove the other unless it is the same as a celebrity or famed warrior. For exampl, the skin color of the current Lord-Emperor, Fur Paveth, is pale white and is very popular.

Relationship Ideals

Due to their low birth rate but good stamina, Demons have been given a lot of freedom in choosing their partners. Both male and female of the speciesbehave quite openly about their desires. Courting and mating occur oftenly among Demons compared to Human standards. While couples can fall in love and remain together, most relationships end as one night stands.
Demons survived in tough lands, and as such came to depend on teamwork to survive. Long lasting friendships begin at a very young age as Demons train from childhood and remain with the same comrades to battle monsters or celebrate or find work when things are peaceful again.

Common Dress Code

Togas and tunics. Antique style of wearings.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Orgies are the best. Arena fights are the second best. War is the third best.

Common Taboos

Wasting time, resources or morals.



  The term "Demon" has not the same meaning in their Empire as in other cultures. It is only the adaptation of Old World mythology into the strangeness that is Orbido. Its original meaning, "Daemones" had the connection to "souls", "falsehood" and "deity". It has come to define the supernaturals beings the Old World humans became after the Senders infused metamorphic bodies with sentient souls.

Common Myths and Legends

The Monster King is a tale given to make children scared of forests, with good reasons.   A lot of authors have created fictions based on Old World legends, improved retellings of Demon heroes...
Scientific Name
Daemono sapiens
Imps: 24 years. Hellions: 46 years. Archdemons: 62 years. Demon Lords: 150 years.
Average Height
Imps: 1m. Hellions: 1.4m. Archdemons: 1.8m. Demon Lords: 2m.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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