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Demonic metamorphosis

A natural condition that every Demon goes through in their life. Demonic metamorphosis is the event where a Demon metamorphs into a higher standing specimen of Demon.   The three subsequent forms adopted by the Demons who go through that condition can be compared to an caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Each form belong to the same species:   The initial form of demons are the Imps, small and weak. Then come the Hellions, a form close to Humans physiology. The Archdemon form is the next to manifest. And the rare Demon Lords are the final stage to ever be witnessed in the species' history.   However, the happenstance of the phenomenom varies according to an individual's activities and potential. Imps are the standard condition of the species, Hellions are the most commonly encountered forms of Demons. Archdemons are pretty rare metamorphic forms, while Demon Lords encounters are nationnal treasures counted with the fingers of the hands.

Transmission & Vectors

It is an inherited anomaly that Demons undergo when certain conditions are reached. It is transmitted to every Demon, without exception.


When a Demon has incorporated sufficent amounts of mana and have reached a certain level of physical maturity, they are capable of metamorphing into a superior species of Demon.


Black substance exiting skin pores, tiredness, great hunger, heightened body temperature.


No treatment exist. However, since the condition is not only non-threatening but also benefcial. It is an evolution into a higher sort of being, a blessing that shouldn't require a cure.


A stage of Demonic Metamorphosis begins after the Demon has reached the conditions for his evolution. The symptoms manifest and the black substance begins to cover the body in a grey coccoon. After two days, the physiology of the Demon within has changed to the aspect of the next step of the species. There are three known stages. The Hellionage; a mature Imp becomes a short-sized Hellion. The Archification; A strong Hellion turns into a Demon with bigger horns and muscles. The Crowning; When an Archdemon becomes a full-fledged Demon Lord.


Sequels of this condition are , densifed bone structure,

Affected Groups

Mature Demons only, need to be an adult of the current species' stage. Mostly touchs the warriors and hunters, as well as those participating in physical activities.

Hosts & Carriers

Every Demon is a carrier, since the "disease" is most likely a genetic trait.


A Demon needs to fulfill conditions to be able to transform. So long as the Dmeon has not been in contact with enough raw mana and stressful conditions, the evolution will not occur.


The condition is already shared worldwide with every Demon, who transmit the condition to their offsprings.


In, the first recorded case was from a First Sent hunter-gatherer who became sick. HIstorians have recorded how the rest of the First Sent believed him to be dying, but were scared to destroy the coccoon. After two days, the hunter had destroyed his protective coccoon and explained he felt better than ever. The following month showed the hunterreceiving improved physiology similar to a child tunring into an adult. When others presented the symptoms

Cultural Reception

Every single Demon knows that the condition is like Human puberty. It is only much faster, more drastic, and that one needs to work to deserve it.   Humans see this incredible process as an aberattion. Fortern and its vassals connect this phenomenom to the savage mana-irradiated monsters that ravage the land and kill without thought.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Affected Species

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