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Imperial City-State

The Imperial brand of City-States are the semi-independent sovereign cities which serve as the political, economic, and cultural centers over their portion of the Verdant Steppes. Together they make up the Keratos Empire. While smaller settlements and outposts may be attached to them, the City-States nonetheless see most of their resources and incomes from the lands directly orbiting their urban core.

  To this date, ten city-states in all constitute the Demon Empire. One, Ar Barak, is on the decline while a promising new candidate is rising in the form of Loanath to the eastern edge of Carsil.


It didn't take long after the First Sending for each groups of Demon to decide to settle in the most favorable environments accessible. With the threats forom the wilds forcing them to reinforce and isolate themselves until they could move around in safety. The first settlements who survived this period of strife would almost always grow into City-States, copying an organization that seemed to work properly in the Old World. Each City-State evolved on its own, due in no small part to the origin of each First Sent group themselves coming from various Old World backgrounds and cultures. This resulted in a divergeance in cultures in spite of the alliances that would eventually form between them.

Due to the assertive nature of Imperials overall, those differences don't have much of a political impact. However, resources or lust for power may have occasionnaly brought conflict to the table between one or more City-States before the Daemonis Republic, and later on the Keratos Empire managed to unite the Cities more throughly.

Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
Imperial Fief, Imperial Core, Walled City
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