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Form of Power

The third and far more powerful shape taken by Demons. They are bigger, and hornier (as in horns) than Hellions, and their mana pool is increased as well. This shape overall exceeds that of Humans and even Ahurans, and is one of the reasons why Demons see themselves as inherently superior to other species in Orbido.   One notices an Archdemon mostly by their size and the great size their horns have taken that can sometime circle their entire head. The colors of an Archdemon are also tippycally more pronounced than their earlier forms; the greens get greener, the pinks get pinkier.   A very small percentile of the entire Demon population is an Archdemon, they are the elite of their species so to speak and enjoy many priviledges in society. Only one form stands atop their own, the Demon Lords

Basic Information


"Congratulations, you have evolved again. That doesn't mean you're immortal, but you're darn harder to kill now."
A Demon Legion officer congratulating an evolved soldier under his command.

Genetics and Reproduction

While their stamina and rate of arousal has improved compared to their smaller forms, Archdemon suffer from an equally if not lower reproduction rate. While some believe Archdemons to produce stronger Imps, studies have shown that the state of evolution of the parent has minimal effect on the offspring.

Civilization and Culture


"Kill the bigger horn-faces before they reach our lines! No sacrifice is too great!"
A Forternian Commander during the Battle of the Cleaving Hills.

While seperate colonies might have different experiences, it is mostly agreed that the first existing Archdemon must have appeared near -23 of the Imperial Calendar. The first encounter with a superior specimen was quite a boon to the struggling Demons who were still having trouble securing their settlements from monsters and gather resources in peace. The discovery that enough training and fighting could result in such a grand transformation encouraged their society to stay on the offensive and bend the world to their will, not the other way around.   When other races first met these giant more powerful sapients, the reactions were often those of awe and fear. Notably the meeting of an Archdemon with Humans from the Eastern Realms produced quite the stirr. Indeed, after a few years of exchanging with Hellions exclusively, there was confusion as to how such physicaly imposing neighbours could even exist.   As time went by and conflicts arose, Archdemons became viewed as priority targets for obvious reasons. They can beat comon soldiers without breaking a sweat, and their Mana abilities can perforate even the tightest defenses and destroy carefully-woven strategies. IN exchange however, the death of an Archdemon was an historically crippling blow that can destabilize the Demon forces as a whole. But such occurences dulled with the passage of time, the larger number of existing Archdemons and the existence of Demon Lords switched the balance further.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo daemonis major
Conservation Status
As very rare members of the Demon species, Archdemon aren't readily sent to the front line when the stakes aren't high.

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