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Eastern Realms

What we call Eastern Realm is the Region of the orbidian continent that contains the many Human feudal realms. Kingdoms, duchies, and counties are prospering in this consortium of plains, savannahs and temperate forests. Standing at the west of the Gorge of Deloth and the Verdant Steppes it delimits, this region is calmer and presents more arable land.


The region can be split into three parts.   The northernmost stands at the edge of the Fana Forest and is home to the Fortern Kingdom. It is a collection of grassland and small hills easily exploited by farmers, though they tend to stick to the waterways for fear of monsters. At the middle are is a long stretch of land interwoven with forests. The Apostoli Dukedom and the Dentra Dukedom are neighbours there. It is less hospitable than the north but with plenty of access points making passage easier. The Carsil Forest stands at the east and incursions from the dangerous monsters within is a dreaded thing. The south of the area is a canyon that marks the entry to the third part of the region.   In the south stand the ravaged Herbefeu Fields, a formaly generous savannah ripe with possibilities thanks to its large exploitable fauna and accessible mining spots. A recent calamity shreded the territory and it has yet to recover.

Fauna & Flora

Varied degrees of monsters appear according to the region. There are a lot of rodents of all size in the northern territories, going so far as to become pests.   The middle is renowned for the Gigantaure herds guarding the exit of Carsil, feeding off the fertile outskirts.   As for the south, there is quite the fauna though the flora appears homogeneus. One can find Dire-Ducks flocks in the Herbefeu Fields one their way to Midland for the winter.
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Mankind's Retreat, the Land of Knights
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