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Fana Forest

The second largest forest in Orbido, the Fana Forest swallows the northern parts of what are known as the Eastern Realms. Given how Fana is far less dangerous than the Carsil forest, it is far more exploited by woodsmen and hunters. The monsters inhabiting Fana's deeper reaches are not to be underestimated however, as even the most powerful warriors will find a match in the Mighty Resogons, masters of the Fana forest.   Geographically speaking, Fana extends from the end of the Fortern Kingdom to the beginnings of the Verdant Steppes. It is said the shape of the forest on a map looks like a sleeping beauty in a foetal position. The idea has inspired shcolars to name places such as Fana's Back to the East, Fana's Toes to the south, and Fana's Face near the western shores. Fana's Back scratches at the western feet of the Blunter Range, where the Dwarven Kingdom has its pastures and fields. The Face of Fana eyes the Forternian Capital in the distance, and her Toes form the beginning of the Cleaving Hills, a land fought over by the Eastern Realms and the Demon Empire in recent years.   Fana is also known for harboring the semi-sentient species known as goblins. Mischiveous and savage creatures who harass trespassers. Rumors have it that some Demon Marauder gangs have enslaved those tribes in the past and used them to commit their many criminal activities in secret.

Fauna & Flora

Fana's forest is an old temperate forest of mixed varieties given its enormous size. It shows a boreal aspect of coniferous species such as pines and birch. Those trees are mixed in with older specimens of oaks and plane trees that stretch deeper into its heart. Many species of mushrroms have been found under the soil of the forest, feeding off as well as connecting each trees in a gigantic network, while protecting the roots of the trees. Much like in the Carsil forest, this symbiotic relationship allows the flow of nutrients and mana to be abundant, feeding the forest occupants and breeding them into powerful monsters.   While there is a lesser amount of giant insectoid in the Fana forest (thankfully), it is not to be underestimated. The normal fauna is comprised of rabbits, bears, deers, and the occasionnal wolf. The more extravagant species found deeper in shows a preference towards carnivorous mamalian. The abundance of mana in forest has twisted most of them into a giant and feral state. The wild Resogons for example are the Apex predators of the Fana Forest, and their life cycles determines the dangerosity of the forest in a year.

Natural Resources

The Pine and Oaken Woods in the forest are appreciated for their ease of access, but the monster activities slows the industrial process of deforestation. As such, while the Fana forest presents opportunities for larger companies to exploit, smaller businesses will favor the smaller and local forests.   Some mushrooms are delicacies traded for a high. The huntsmen find an abundance of game in the forest, but similarily to wood, only the more powerful and prepared companies make a business out of Fana's resources.   Recently, some precious minerals have been found near the western most regions, near the shoreline. Forternian prospectors are financing expeditions, but the war against the Demon Emire has slowed their progress as resoources and soldiers become more precious.
Alternative Name(s)
The Sleeping Maiden
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