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Fana's Back

A rugged stretch of land at the foot of the Blunter range. Fana's Back is a shrubland between the flat Fana Forest to the west, the Blunter Mountains to the east, and the Verdant Steppes to the south. The sea awaits at its northern frontier, offering a view into the coldest regions of Orbido.   Filled with bushes but not very fertile, Fana's Back is at the origin of one of the most important rivers of the Verdant Steppes. It is the perfect place for the Dwarven Kingdom and the Demon Empire to trade resources along the water's bed.   A Dwarven outpost has been made in its most fertile grounds, and turinning it into a proper settlement is one of the great projects of recent years.

Fauna & Flora

Dire-Ducks swarm the area in the Summers to reproduce. Thankfully, they settle to the north.

Natural Resources

River and glaciers. Lots of clay deposits encourage the construction of settlements.
Alternative Name(s)
The Wet Bumps
Owning Organization
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