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Mursalin Desert

The Mursalin desert is by far the largest desert on the continent, situated on its South-Western edge where it separates the shores of the Undying Ocean from the Gurdy Range with hundreds of miles of sand dunes and the occasional dry bushlands.


The Mursalin is a wide desert with few features to note besides the large dunes said to form up to hundreds of meters tall in its deepest reaches. There are exceedingly few oasises the further south-west you go, forcing settlers to rely on those spread around its north-eastern edges or simply on the River carving into half of its northern region. The River's straight nature serves as an easy frontier between what is and isn't the Mursalin.


The harshness of the Desert doesn't stop fiends from flourishing with an unnatural ease. The harsher the conditions, the stronger the beasts seem to be in defiance of common sense. Regardless, the few semi-arid patches of land with low-growing grass allow for pastures adapted to the desert condition to thrive following a migratory pattern between oasises, spreading tough seeds along the way that appear to help undesertify the surroundings slowly but surely. Indeed it is observed that the desert appears to shrink with time, especially near the River and on the eastern oasises along the slopes of the Gurdy Range.

Localized Phenomena

A few odd flying points are seen from time to time according to the survivors of deep expeditions. Some consider those to be angel sightings, or perhaps monsters throwing weaker preys high up in the air.


Being one of the first sights beholden by the Arbekan First Sent, the desert quickly got its name from the assumption that the people Sent here were transported directly from the desert and not via a contraption of sort.
Alternative Name(s)
The Senders' Desert, the Angels' Desert...
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Inhabiting Species

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