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Crescent Basin

A large, flat slab of land comtaining the Apostoli Dukedom and the eastern parts of the Fortern Kingdom. A very productive soil where countless farms have sprouted, eager to take advantage of the absence of monsters. It is also a prized conquest target for the Demon Empire, filled with ruins of their constructive passage.


The terrain is one of vast plains interweaven with the occasionnal small forest and hill. A few plateau to its south delimit the Herbefeu Fields. The soil rests atop a mound of limestones and is generally easy to cultivate on. To the west of the Crescent Basin is the Gondor River which marks entry into the Dentra Dukedom beyond. The Cleaving Hills and the Gorge of Deloth discourage passage to the east and the Verdant Steppes that lie further.


The Region is split into two by a long stone wall called the Francian Wall, built by Human hands during the beginning of the second century, when the Eastern Realms were in conflicts with one another. The old fortification is used to delimit the seperation between Fortern and Apostoli, but is mostly geographic as the two nations are friendly to one another.   In the past, the Basin's plains witnessed many bloody battles between Human Realms, but also with the invading Demon Empire. For most of the first and second century, the Francia Empire controlled half of the land while the Apostoli Kingdom controlled the other. After the encounter between Apostoli and the starved Demon Empire beyond the Cleaving Hills, the land saw much changing of hands. All of the Basin's settlements were being raided periodically until the The Conquest saw it permanently belong to Imperial forces. With the collapse of the great Empire, the land returned to both Francia's successor; Fortern, and the Apostolites citizens.
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The Fertile Plain, the Basin
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