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Green Basin

An arbitrarily drawn region representing all lands in contact with the Green Sea. It covers portions of multiple realms and has varied climates along its length.


The Basin covers multiple region on three cardinal directions, as well as small isles close to the coast. The various realms concerned are:
To the East:
  • The Fortern Kingdom's western territories
  • The Pas-le-Morrant and Dansenoix Counties.
  • The Dentra Dukedom.
  • To the South:
  • The controversial Varian Access whose actual ownership isn't certain.
  • The Republic of Midland
  • The Van Republic's north-eastern lands.
  • To the West:
  • All of the August Menia Kindom
  • Alternative Name(s)
    The Basin, The Green Coast
    Location under
    Included Organizations

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