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August Menia Kindom

"They call us fishes rumaging through mud, but in truth we are dragons waiting patiently beneath the waters before we may soar the heavens."
Heavenly Patriarch Ma Ziquan, second Ma Dynasty.
  Menia is a massive religious realm with its territory covering all of the western reaches of the Green Sea. It is the home nation of the Long Mins humanoids, amphibians who were once humans before their Sending half a milenia ago. After centuries of war between the Families of the fertile region, one realm toppled all others. The Menia Kindom was formed when a certain Family managed to unify this part of the continent with every other Families they conquered swearing fealty. It was not the first coalition of its kind, many similar unifiers existed in the West, short-lived as they may be.   Similar, but not exactly equal to the Eastern Realms' structure with their Kings, Dukes and Counts, Menia is currently governed by Great Family Houses with one Royal Family placed at the center of power. All Menian¬†citizens share the same nationnality as Menian. The name Menia itself was the name of the land in which the warring Families used to duke it out. The current Menia is certainly the most powerful in its History, and has remained so for the last hundred and a half years.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
Land of Rivers, Water Realm...
Leader Title
Subsidiary Organizations
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