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Dentra Dukedom

"You could offer one of the moons in a basket, but a true Dentra-born would never sell his countrymen." Common Dentral saying.
  The Dentra Dukedom is a territory of the Eastern Realms, formerly part of the Demon Empire, formerly attached to the Fortern Kingdom. Dentra is one of the smaller realms of Orbido, sandwiched between the Larger Fortern Kingdom to the north and the Apostoli Dukedom to the South.   Denizens of Dentra are known for their rowdy and honest nature, the neighbooring realms envisionning them as blunt and uncivilised. The Dukedom is also known for being the origin point of many Human Heroes for the last two centuries, a fact that gave the Dentrals an aura of majesty that faded over time as Heroes became commonplace in every Human Realms.


Feudal system with a Duke ruling over the territory.


Dentra occupies around 2000 kmĀ² of grounds shaped in a rectangle. Those are ancestral lands managed by the Dentra families for generations, even older than the Fortern Kingdom some might say.   Its northern and western borders are formed by the shallow yet dangerous Guylian Forest. The east is half-binded by a long river called the Botte. The south is covered by hills forming the Thousand Turtles Plains.

Blood answers Need

Geopolitical, Duchy
Parche Morado
Alternative Names
"The Heroes' Kiln"
Head of State
Duchess Fanela Castellana
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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