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Dentra Dukedom

"You could offer one of the moons in a basket, but a true Dentra-born would never sell his countrymen."
Common Dentral saying.
  The Dentra Dukedom resides in a woodland territory of the Eastern Realms, once part of the Kingdom of Dentro-Santos then vassalized to the Demon Empire during their Conquest. Dentra is a land of honor, with the greatest Human warriors in history originating here. However, with Heroes becoming commonplace in every land, the prestige of Dentra is beginning to fade.   Denizens of Dentra are known for their rowdy and honest nature, the neighbooring realms envisionning them as blunt and uncivilised but they know a Dentran promise made is one that will be kept.


Feudal system with a Duke ruling over the territory. Dentra is made up of smaller counties:
  • County of Cotonino
  • County of Dentra
  • County of Lurtristea
  • County of Terraroja
  • County of Tien
  • Culture

    Like most Eastern Realms nation, Dentra's culture is tied to its Old World heritage. Like Apostoli and Rossan-Valid, their First Sent originated from roughly the same time period in south-west Europe, in the christian countries of Galicia and Asturias. However, Dentra seems to have kept its ties to its galician heritage while its cousin nation stayed true to their Asturian legacy.   Dentrite culture hasn't changed much despite their new condition on Orbido and the added dangerosity of wild beasts and unfair distribution of power. They follow a feudal system of nobles and the pageantry and they behave roughly the same as they did in their previous civilization.


    The western borders is the edge of the Green Sea. To the north lies the shallow Guylian Forest that circles the Mont Rouge. The east is binded by a long river seperating the region from the Crescent Basin. The south leads towards the Varian Access.

    Blood answers Need

    Geopolitical, Duchy
    Alternative Names
    "The Heroes' Kiln"
    Official State Religion
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