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The Way of Acceptance

"Praise the Senders. For they have tasked us all with life. As they gave a second chance to the poor victims in the Old world, they look upon us in our second home and display their benevolence. All people have received their benevolence. Your body, your soul, all have been allowed into this world by the Senders who wish to test us forevermore in this world of wonders and challenges."
A common eulogy of Acceptance.
  The Way of Acceptance is a religious movement rooted in Orbidian origins. A portion of First Sent consider the Senders as divine beings who preside over the lives of all people once their time has come.   The moderates of the Way support the idea that Senders can select people's souls to reincarnate in new worlds, while firm believers even go so far as to say that Senders control every aspect of one's life, that they have specific plans in mind for every soul in existence.

Mythology & Lore

In the end of one's life, we are judged for our every actions. When the spirit departs the body, we all appear in front of the Senders to hear their plan for us. For Death is not the end, merely a new beginning.   The Senders are kindly and wise, no-one ise exempt from the Sending, from the purest child to the most bloodthristy warriors. We all will be Sent in a new realm where we are given life and purpose. Praise the Senders who challenge us. Praise the Senders who gift us with bodies and powers. Praise the Senders for their Kindness. We accept their love and they in turn will send us further into realms of increasing wonders.

Divine Origins

The Way's origin stems from the impressions of the First Sent, citizens of the Old Word who died and were reincarnated in Orbido by the powers of the Senders, such as the calm Formati or the elusive Atropi.   Some among the reborn decided to respect these powerful beings for their control over life after death. Over time, the respect turned into worship, and the First Sent's chidren began treating the Senders as full fledged deities.

Cosmological Views

Formati is a notorious Sender whose few spoken words have been recorded and are considered religious treasures. He is considered higher in the sphere of the divinities. Atropi, another Sender, expressed himself even less than his known comrades. Minali is the motherly figure of the Senders, her smile is said to have redeemed even the hardened criminals among the First Sent.


Stance on the Sent

Sent are revered by Acceptants. Each and every visitor is a special being. While Sent are extremely rare, Acceptants dearly believe in their existence and maintain their networks to find them. The number one priority of the order is to secure and protect the Sent, then to let them do what the Senders have brought them to do.

Perceive and accept

Founding Date
Activist, Charity
Subsidiary Organizations
Permeated Organizations

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