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Rossan-Valid Dukedom

A realm for the miscontents and the poor. Despite direct proximity to the Carsil Forest, Rossan-Valid has enjoyed relative safety from the monster threat. Not to mention how surrendering to the Demon Empire during their Conquest left the realm basically unharmed and ready to regrow as leader of the Eastern Realms. Some Demon citizens even elected to remain and were accepted by the people. It all fell apart when for a mysterious reason a large number of beasts kept attacking the land regardless of migration periods. Large specimens even exited the Carsil Forest and decimated the land, killing half of the population and starving the rest. Even though Human Heroes eventually repelled the unphathomable fiends, Rossan-Valid became a mere shadow of itself.   Nowadays, the southern realm has lost much of its territories to the Apostoli Dukedom. Mostly Adventurers, former Imperial troops or sometimes brigands dare try and defend the batterred grounds of the once proud state. It stands as an outsider observing the games played above its head. The middle-aged Duke Gedric de Nostagi has not given up the host however. He prepares one great gamble that could change the fate of his people, and perhaps all of Orbido.


Formed from the breaking of a large Kingdom in imperial year 260. Was prized for being fertile and safer from attacks for mysterious reasons.   In 390, the Government officially welcome the Demon Empire's Conquest and allowed some colonies to be established by the conquerors.   Throughout the 530s, swarms of beasts and giant monsters ravaged the land, their battles with Human Heroes to torching and upturning fertile grounds in many areas.

Demography and Population

Still recovering from massacre, the population fluctuates around 90000 people all in all. Much of the original settlers joined caravans headed to the more successful realms, despite monsters patrolling the pathways. About a tenth of the population is of the Demonic species. A few Lega or Dwarven mercenariesor traders make up the other races one can find.   Similarily to the other Eastern Realms, one doesn't survive long outside the protected walls of a castle, or away from the well-protected farmvilles. It is however more likely to die of hunger than by the claws of a monster in Rossan-Valid.

Foreign Relations

Rossan-Valid is so inconsequential in terms of strength that it isn't considered active on a scale of states. A

Friends with Glory

Geopolitical, Duchy
Alternative Names
The Maimed Realm
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Head of State
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Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
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