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County of Validurias

A county with legitimacy over the western reaches of the Rossan-Valid Dukedom. It suffered less from the rampaging Four Beasts that attacked the Dukedom a few decades back, but its capital, Almano was still greatly ravaged. Its peasants still manage to supply a portion of the population and the realm recovers slowly.   It is directly ruled by Duke Gedric de Nostagi from his capital in Taladrid. Most of its income is from the caravans of traders and diplomates who pass by th county to reach the distant realms and their precious resources. A few company such as the Mit Line of Trades and the Grayll Syndicate have an headquarters here.

Public Agenda

Count Dalgon aims to free himself from the hold the Duke has over him. He is negotiating with the Apostoli Dukedom and Dentra Dukedomin the hopes that they may join his independence faction and release him of his bloodline's fealty to the Dukedom.


A lot of trading posts and are littered around the main road, too barren for monsters to care about.   There is also a bit of revenue from alguae cultures from the The Green Sea, but no decent port to speak of given the presence of sea monsters.

The Paths are Clear

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Viscounty
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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