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Carsil Forest

"Of those that venture into Carsil, there are three kinds. The first are those that retreat as soon as they reach trees the size of a house. The second are those that flee when the trees reach higher than a castle. Those second are lucky to escape with one less limb attached. The last is for those who die after encountering whatever toppled those trees. 'Of Mountains and Forests' by Aleggra Pondusien
  A giant forest that stretches over thousands of leagues. It's threat is no legend, it is reality. The Forest's weather, fauna and flora have evolved in ways that defy common sense. Exploiting the wood is suicide for unarmed woodsmen that risk harvesting the hard trunks.   Carsil is the one place that need to be avoided by regular people. The monsters that dwell inside are more powerful than armies and their enhanced generals. Not only that, the environment is chaotic and filled with intoxicating emanations of mana. Mothers threaten to abandon their children in Carsil if they missbehave. It comes as no surprise to learn that most of the monsters that threaten the large cities of eastern civilisations come from Carsil.   And yet, Carsil is also a place of unimaginable wealth. Subjugation Guilds and Adventurer's guild compete to explore the dangerous woods in search for valuable materials and monster parts of superior quality. Only those who have proven to be above the standards of powers can come back from Carsil without losing their lives or parts of their bodies.


Carsil a a forest that covers an immense area of the globe. Plains, hills and even mountains . Some researchers theorise that the soil of Carsil is so nutrient rich and can retain so much moisture that the forest can have no openings in its foliage without limits. As such, only the sea, the arid soils and the cold ccan keep the expansive forest at bay.

Natural Resources

Wood, berries, fruits, game, monster parts, precious minerals...
Alternative Name(s)
The Bed of Slaughter
Location under
Inhabiting Species

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