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"I said did you hear that? It sounded like... Wuh? Where did you go?"
Carsil explorer whose friend got taken by a Nekropoth.
  A phantom monster species rumored to exist only in Elven records or the broken minds of Carsil explorers. A boogey-man monster who shares a spot among Orbido's most feared entities with the The Monster King and John Edge. It has been spotted on the outskirts of Carsil's Core. Many sudden disappearances are attributed to this shadow reaper, though it is hard to correctly determine whether a Nekropoth was involved each time.   The Nekropoth is said to have been first encountered by an unspecified Demon Lord who lead an expedition with a dozen specialists. They described a large-sized quadruped, with black fur, large claws, and speed unlike anything encountered before. The Lord's tale described how one by one his escort disappeared right where they stood, as if some otherworldly force had whisked them into nothingness. The fiend's appearance mixed with its abilities gave birth to its name, the Necropompes, which devolved into Nekropoth as time went on. They are the boogeymen of Carsil and responsible for many emptied soup bowls.  


Known in every region that borders Carsil, they bear many names beside the one Imperials gave them. The Human inhabitants of the Rossan-Valid Dukedom call them Cazador supremos, Forternians see them as Noirceurs, and Elves call them the Ani'jis.

Basic Information


The size of an adult Nekropoth, assuming adults are the ones on the hunt, is estimated around 3 metres at the withers for more than 4 metres long. It is a quadruped with very long legs that move with great efficiency in spite of the lack of straight paths in the Carsil Forest. A deep black color is about the most certain things about their appearance, which result in seeing a black bolt as the Nekropoth bounces out of view with its captured prey.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It is safe to asume the Nekropoth is carnivorous as it uses its speed to snatch other creatures and carry them away for consumption. Its appetite is thankfully not enough for it to require more than one medium-sized humanoid every single hunt. Opportunistic and dangerous, some records suggest that it hunts in packs as a handful of victims can disappear at the same time.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

This species is able to attack and kidnap victims with great efficiency, even when they are in the middle of a group on their guard. It is hard to track this creature as it uses higher vegetation as springboard. All this to say it is fair to assume Nekropoth are cunning, instinctive and oportunistic creatures with effective modus operandi in hunting.
Scientific Name
Mortoductor furvus
Average Height
> 3 meters
Average Weight
Average Length
> 4 meters
Geographic Distribution

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