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Carsil's Core

"Why does this place exist, only to be out of reach? Why is this impossible place among our world of survival? Is it a challenge or a mistake of the Great Beings?"
An Elven Druid pondering the existence of the Core
  What is called the "Core" is a part of Carsil no sentient soul has managed to visit, even the Elves who have settled in treehouse cities and learned to live among powerful fiends have failed to explore it successfully. The few who did see it only did so at a fair distance using tools. Many aspects bar the way to visitors, not only the physical difficulties of surviving this "survival of the fittest" area, but also the environment itself. Smells, sights and even the very air itself oppose entrance to the uninitiated. Some dying just by setting a foot too deep and breathing an invisible poisonous mist.  
In the deepest depth of the Carsil Forest, the laws of nature and physicality seem to disappear. Up becomes down and the sides tuwist and turn as the plant life coalesces around the visitors. The ground becomes hard to find among the foliage and roots baring the view. Close to the surface in this sea of trees, there is enough colors to make rainbows blush in shame. Fungi, flowers, fruits and giant beasts form a canvas of unparralled wonder. But the lower levels of the Core are all but beautiful. The only source of light in s depth are the phosphorescent biolives and albino creatures reflecting the meager sun rays that pierce the veil of shadows.


The Core is a stretch of the Carsil Forest that extends for a few thousand square miles, about the size of a country. It forms a circle that increases in height the deeeper you go, culminating with the Carsil Heights, a range of very tall mountains similar in nature to the Green Range, found farther to the north in "regular Carsil".

Fauna & Flora

Apex predators of the Carsil Forest seem to originate here. But it is difficult to know for sure who is top dog in this treacherous place. Giant Black Snakes and Megaspidas, Phantom Wyverns and Tarrasques, all seem tame in comparison to the region they survive in.

Thanks to the water ways produced from the Carsil Height's snowy reaches, some parts of the Core manage to reach far beyond the Forest. Some fruits, floating plantlives or washed up bones allow scholars to study at least parts of the wonders of the Core.
Alternative Name(s)
The Unreached
Forest, Cloud / Water (Subtropical)
Location under
Inhabiting Species

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