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Demon Lord

Form of Doom

"One thing they don't teach you about the invincible paragons of our species, they're all complete weirdoes"
A Culling Legionnaire about Demon Lords.
  The Demon Lord is the form of organism that reigns supreme in Orbido, save the terrible monsters in the more dangerous territories. They are so few representative that each is considered a nationnal treasure for the Demon Empire.   After the Conquest and the emergence of rivalling powers (heroes, monster hordes and other races...), most individuals have become less involved in military affairs and other threatening positions. Currently only three Demon Lords officially exist on the Situla continent, and all are part of the Empire.

Basic Information


Humanoid in form, Demon Lords are power made sentient flesh. Their appearances are similar to the hellions' and archdemons' form, but with increased features.   They demark themselves by their astonishing stature that surpass even Archdemon's, the size of their horns that can be as long as their heads, as well as their affinities in magic that have exponentially increased.

Genetics and Reproduction

There has numerous studies on the link between Demon Lord genes and the ability to turn into a Demon Lord. Results suggest the environment is a far stronger effect than birth. Demon Lords can reproduce normaly with lesser forms of demons, but, like the other forms, can only sire Imps.

Growth Rate & Stages

Attempts have been made to accelerate demon growth to reach the status of a lord that much quicker. It has only been in recent years with the advent of experienced Enthousiast adept in control medicinal magic and Mana crystalisation technologies. The most promising project to produce Demons with the potential to become Demon Lords before their twentieth birthday is the The Great Batch.  
"No Demon Lord ever died of age. Perhaps these shall be different?"
Demon Lord Vel Grao about the The Great batch
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo daemonis tyrannos
Conservation Status
Demon Lords are extremely rare in comparaison to the Demon population, one for every 1 000 000 demons it is said. The truth is, the Demon Lords are so rare that they have never been counted on more than 10 live specimen in any given era.

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