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"If it looks like a bear and smells like a bear, but is bigger, faster, stronger, and you're already dead, that's a Resogon."
Mor Natar Beast-Seeker about basic Resogon facts.

A ruthless monster only encountered in the depth of the Fana Forest, they are the Apex predator of the land. They live deep in the woods where they can find plenty of honey, fishes and large predators to predate on. They have long hibernation periods which reduces their threats.   They share traits with bears and sloth, but have altogether different behaviors and aspect. Their long fur and gigantic mouth make them distinct from the usual mana-infused monsters encountered in the plains. A Resogon looking for food outside the forest is the gravest threat a village can encounter, outside war of course.

Basic Information


The Resogon is the large four-limbed mammal, reaching as high as 6 meters while standing, and 3.4 meters on all four. They have five fingers: three in the middle posessing large thick claws to attack prey and grab on to trees, the two opposite fingers presenting thinner claws and enable softer movements. Most of the hands consists of their claws. The membrane over their teeth is made of thin black flash sensitive to the environnement. By retracting their cheeks they can become more aware of their surroundings and pick up vibrations that do not match normal jungle sounds.

Genetics and Reproduction

While Resogon are soitary ad territorials, there comes periods in late summer whare they move to the borders of their territories to call for a mate in another territory. They use the sound their large mouths and powerful vocal cords can produce to mark their intent. They repeat the call from every extremities of the land they mark as theirs and when a mate answers with the same tone, they walk towards each other with the same tone. Once together, they immediately mate. Once the action subsides, they can begin to patrol their shared territories together, or go back to their own and find other mates.

Ecology and Habitats

A warm and humid environment is the optimal ground for a resogon.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous. Particularily found of honey but can survive on an exclusively meaty diet. Very aggressive by nature and will attack any who trespass on their feeding grounds.

Biological Cycle

Hibernate for 4 months at a time after an extended period (three weeks) of eating and gathering supplies for the winter.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Keen sense of hearing, lesser sense of vision.
Scientific Name
Resogonis superior
Geographic Distribution

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