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Western Wetlands

A consequential region of Situl located to the west of the Green Sea. Currently under the complete control of the August Menia Kindom. It is separated in three zones according to the climate found within its swamps and wetlands:

  1. The Northern Wetlands
  2. Colder region from which originates many rivers. Fewer resources and fiercer monsters make inhabitation complicated and expansion slow.

  3. The Central Wetlands
  4. Most inhabited region filled with agricultoral expanses and walled settlements. Jungles and wetlands in semi-constant exploitation by the growing population and their powerful sect warriors.

  5. The Southern Wetlands
  6. More arid region acting as the border with Greater Arbeka and the Van Republic. Principal trade route inland and alongside the coast.
Alternative Name(s)
The Immortal Lands
Location under
Owning Organization
Inhabiting Species

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