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Central Wetlands

The Central Wetlands are an extensive area of marshes and bogs situated West of the Green Sea. A large portion of the August Menia Kindom is located on that side of the Green Basin, and it is occupied by most of the total Menian population on the Continent.


Blessed with a hot damp climate, the wetlands includes lakes, ponds, marshes, flooded and swampy forests, along permanent and temporary rivers that do can extend for thousands of leagues between the distant western mountains and the eastern costal deltas. Moving northward the climate drifts to colder reaches and drier biomes, while moving south leads to a clean stopage at the Dire Channel, the notorious natural frontier between Bunshin (now the Van Republic) and Menia.


A good chunk of which are dangerous for colonization even for adapted lifeforms like the Long Mins. Being adapted to the constant presence of water is a given for anyone to remain in the wetlands over long periods of time.

Ecosystem Cycles

There is a binary dynamic of dry and wet seasons that can change the lay of the land and the creatures encountered drastically.

Fauna & Flora

A huge variety of fishes and insects live throughout the region, some dangerous enough to sentient races who wish to travel through their territories. The flora doesn't present a similar diversity in trees, but smaller vegetals are another story. The flowers floating above the lakes and bogs are particularily intriguing to study.

Natural Resources

There are immense amounts of biomass produced throughout the marshes. There is much wood in the few jungles spread out in the territory, but consumable natural products are the main products of the land and haven't failed to feed the populations throughout history with the exceptions of severe dry seasons.


While the storys prior to the Sendings are as of yet uncertain, it is believed that the Wetlands are the place on which the Long Mins First Sent first appeared. The conquest of this damp environment took a long time compared to how other Orbidian civilizations fared.

By the second century there were a mere million sentient survivors throughout the land and only the most intemporary parts of the marshes, such as rocky cliffedges or dry plateaus allowed for proper settlements to develop.
By the fourth the Menian society had exploded in population and begun cordial exchanges with the Arbekanand Bunshinites populations beyond its borders.

Nowadays the Wetlands remain a very prosperous part of Menia. Parts of it are being gradually turned into croplands with the great cities as a center of this change.


The Wetlands do not receive many visitors coming from the South, and only a few from the west in the lands stuck between the western mountains and the tip of the Dire Channel.
Alternative Name(s)
the River Realm, the Marshes
Wetland / Swamp
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