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First Sent

The reborned masses who built civilisations from the ashes of their memories

The sobriquet by which one mentions those who died and were reincarnated during an event known as a First Sending. First Sents define the first generation of people who woke up on Orbido and went on to survive and perpetuate their kind.   As the ancestors to all modern civilisations, as well as people who retained memories of the Old World technologies and teachings, First Sent are revered in nearly every lands of Orbido. Every society can trace their history to the choices made by their First Sent and the advantages they were seemingly given by the Senders.


The Demon around 3000 First Sent appeared near Year -98 of the Imperial Calendar.   The Midlander First Sent manifested themselves near the year 212, with 2000 members popping up south of the Green Sea.
This title doesn't belong to any living being in existence. Unless a First Sent survived for centuries, or unless a First Sending were to occur in modern days, no-one would fit the requirements of being a First Sent..
Alternative Naming
The First, the Primes, the Chosen
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