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This ethnic group tends to stay within the borders of their homeland. Menians belong to the eponymous August Menia Kindom exclusively populated with Long Mins, an aquatic race masters of the North-West of Orbido.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Tsianga, Yinni...

Masculine names

Hoguam, Pasun...

Family names

Min, Lie-Han, Kyang, Chon...
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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Four Sects Period

410 AS 470 AS

A four-way rivalry between four major sects, facing territorial disputes as well as vying for a hold on the powerful noble clans birthed during the prior period. A southern conflict precipitated the fall from grace of the hegemon sect of the time, and allowed the nobles who consolidated political and martial power to seperate from the sects and fully commit to their new structure. Thus Menia was unified after a brief subjugation of the remaining sect leaders.


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