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Verdant Steppes

A great central region on the far-east of the Situla Continent. A temperate land in which the species known as Demons first thrived.


To the North is the Blunter range, land of the Dwarves. On the North West is a bulging plain and forested hills landscape between the Fana forrest from west to north and the Blunter range valleys on the east. The Carsil Forest keeps a half-circle around the southern regions. The notorious Ebony Mountain is located to the East, near the coast, and is an active volcanic range considered the symbol of Imperial might. The Undying Ocean is to the far east, nibbling on a craggy coast of dangerous cliffs.

Fauna & Flora

The land is cold, and not very fertile when too far from water sources. However, predators abound among the tall grass and the endless steppes. The few forests that punctuate the steppes are filled to the brim with dangers.

Natural Resources

Many kinds of herbs grow in the steppes, and the monsters are plentiful and never run out. Leathers, dyes, and clay are the resources most available.
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