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Caravan Guard

"Caravans are the lifelines of civilisations. The Caravan Guards are there to make sure nothing cuts them off."
  The roads and plains Orbido are not safe to travel. From the constant presence of monsters to the attack of bandits and rebels, one prefers to travel as part of a group rather than tempt death. For as long as people started surviving in Orbido, the caravans have been the most secure form of travels for large groups and suppliers. Those caravans rely on number as well as the expertise of their defenders. The caravan guards are one form of such defenders.   A caravan guard is not necessarily affiliated with a realm's military forces, though a majority of caravan guards do take orders from. Contrary to mercenaries and volunteers, caravan guard have a contract with a caravan's representative and will protect it and its people until the end of their travels. Caravan guards are usually versed in combat both magical and physical. Their purpose is to repel feral monsters and scare off the greedy ambushers. It is a thankful job that is sought after in almost every realm. Guarding the chariots and travelling alongside strangers forges the characters of these soldiers of the winds.   In order not to appear as bandits, caravan guards need to offer a sort of proof before coming along for the journey. This proof can come from the military organisation they belong to or from another caravan they guarded previously. The proof allows Caravan Leaders to trust them, if everything checks out.



The ability to read and write, as well as the martial might to defeat common monsters.

Career Progression

There is no carrier progression. Notoriety is what separates the common Guards from the greatest shields.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payement in bronze, silver or gold coins is given after the completion of the journey.
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