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Ortho Legion

"There is need for patience and discipline behind our barricades of bricks and bronze. The enforcement of limits determines our survival."
Lord-Astynomian Marcus, 359 of the Imperial Calendar
  The police force of the Demon Empire is organized into a large Legion. They maintain public order and enforce the laws of the governing offices while foiling all criminal activities within their jurisdiction. Despite the distance between City-States among the Verdant Steppes, all Legionnaires share the same foundational edicts; the preservation of life, preservation of resources, and protecting the populace from itself.
  It consists of Arbiters and guardsmen patrolling the City-State streets or the roads between the farms and the cities, watching for thieves or the occasionnal Marauders. Experts in urban areas, Ortho legionnaires are the most trusted Legion by imperial citizens, not as uptight as the warring Demon Legion or as deviant as the Culling Legion.

Service and Order

Government, Law Enforcement
Predecessor Organization
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