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Daemonis Republic

"When the New World's dangers became greater, it became obvious to most how slow our Republic was. Too slow to adapt, too slow to react. The the spears replaced the quiet pastoral staves."
Excerpt from the Saga of the Demon Empire
  Formed in the years following the growth of the Demons into a sizeable and self-sustaining civilization. The Republic was the first "proper" government of Demonkind. The Republic was the handiwork of a group of influential Demons forming a governing assembly That would gather the various cities accross the Verdant Steppes. The representatives of various Demon Clans as well as magistrates and senators elected by the citizens made up the members of this new half-Republic.Generations passed slowly as the Demon race expanded and build itself into a pastoral based society that stayed close to the waterways of the steppes. But over time, the natural world of Orbido became more hostile to civilizations in general.
  The Daemonis Republic lasted from around 106 to 209, when the Keratos Empire replaced it in a brutal struggle in order to better sustain itself against the rising monster swarms and in preparation for the foreign resources ripe for the taking. The vestiges of the Republic are seen in the Senate that remained as a body to propose law changes and supports for governance and trade. The final decisions, however, are now only handled by the Lord-Emperor and his Imperial Council.


The word Daemonis (the name chosen by the original First Sent) was changed into Demons progressively, when interactions with the Eastern Realms and the formation of the Common Imperial language was created. This term helped unify the race every soul in the Verdant Steppes had turned into after the Sending, giving a shared destiny to the seperated tribe-like Demons. Belonging to the Republic in the early days meant to acce. While naive in its ideal, the idea stuck thanks to the leadership of the founders of this concept of extended Republic and the coalition.   Republicans believed in the power of the citizens over the local authorities and the trust in the powers of the Clans that helped secure the Realm on a global stage. BUt as time passed, with more civilizations being encountered and more dangerous beasts appearing in contrast to the development of Demon military, being part of the Republic felt like being in a reactive state instead of a proactive force.

Survive as a Race, Thrive as a People

Geopolitical, Republic
Successor Organization
Daemonian, Republican

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